Educational Robots

Which educational & programmable robot toys to choose?

This category includes all the educational robots that members of the Our Friends Robots community have tested.

There are various educational robot toys. They are suitable for young children, such as Dash Wonder Workshop or mBot Makeblock. These robots teach them the basics of programming. But we also present robots for the teenagers. Take the example of the Darwin Mini which is a complete course of robotics all by itself and which is only suitable for enthusiasts. Or an Owi-535 robotic arm.

In any case, the idea is to introduce children to the computer world. This universe is so present around us that it is essential to give the keys of understanding to the younger generations, who will have so much to maintain existing robots and computers as to create new ones. That’s why we like the educational robot toys, which quickly forgets the “I learn” side to make the whole family laugh.

And if you still doubt the relevance of such a purchase, know that programming is now mandatory in the school curriculum!

Makeblock mBot-STEM Bluetooth Reviews

My teen discovered the programming thanks to his institute that proposed a computer club. But we moved and in the new establishment, my son no longer has the opportunity to discover new technologies. So how a gift, we bought him the Makeblock Mbot robot on Arduino, which we can program with Scratch 2.0.

OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Reviews

I grew up surrounded by lego. Even today I find it difficult to resist certain toys which require hours of meticulousness. But I also wanted to move on, another form of technique. That's how I got interested in robots. I bought the Owi535 robotic arm, a robotic arm kit to mount itself. The advantage of

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot Reviews

In 2013 an English video was broadcast highlighting the importance of learning to code and program. Various personalities whose creators of Facebook and Twitter testified. They strengthened my desire to pass on my skills to my children. My son has just celebrated his sixth birthday, and we have offered him the Dash robot from Wonder

OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot Reviews

My son studying. This means that I am responsible for creating a curriculum tailored to the student's needs, choosing textbooks and having plenty of time to experiment with an informal approach to education. This year, as my son advanced on a CM2 science level, he asked me more about robotics. That is why, for the

Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar Toy Reviews

This year I have a large kindergarten class, ie children aged 4-5 years. I chose the caterpillar because one of my favorite books is the caterpillar that makes holes. When I saw this programmable caterpillar by Fisher-Price, I was excited. It is an excellent tool to discover the programming, to work the location in the

Ozobot 2.0 Bit Starter Pack Reviews

It is often thought that in order to code and grasp the notions of an algorithm and program a child must be able to read. But today it is possible to understand the technologies that surround us before that, thanks to the creation of adapted software. This is what the robot Ozobot Starter Pack offers,

UBTECH Jimu Inventor Reviews

So now our letter to Santa Clause includes quality toys and ideally a single toy for the three children. So if you also prefer quality to quantity, for Christmas 2016, order a Jimu Inventor for your children over 8 years. Presentation of the Jimu Inventor robot kit Promotional video of the UBTech Jimu