Humanoid robots

Which humanoid robot kit to choose?

Humanoid robot toys have been a dream for science fiction fans and robot makers for decades. With the latest technological advances, these robots can now come our homes for the pleasure of young and old alike. And if they are not ready to serve us dinner, they already have more than one trick in their bag.

In this category, you will find robots whose general appearance is inspired by that of man. Some are made for children, others for the older ones, but everyone should be able to find the robot that suits him.

So, if you like to construct, the Meccanoid G15 humanoid robot (from the famous brand Meccano) should occupy you a long time then, once on foot, it will make some jokes with you. And if you’re looking for a ready-to-play robot right out of the box, why not read our review of the WowWee Mip Robot.

Ultimately, only one humanoid in a house will be able to find itself in the universe, of our choice whether it are Star Wars, Star Trek or Astro Boy.

UBTECH Alpha 1S robot Reviews

A few months ago, we bought the UBTECH robot, the Alpha 1S, known as the white family humanoid robot. Having a robot that the whole family could use was important to us. A playful and educational robot Presentation video of the UBTECH ALPHA 1S robot The UBTECH company wanted to create a robot

WowWee MiP Robot Reviews

We are a family fan of robots. We have several, various brands and the last to have joined our house is the WowWee Mip Black Bluetooth Robot. It is a robot with a robot head as in movies. It is on two wheels and is maintained thanks to a play of pendulum. A real little

WowWee Robosapien X robot Reviews

The latest toy that came into our house is a humanoid robot from the WowWee brand. It is big, because of the Robosapien X height is 36cm. My sons are 7 and 9 years old, and they, like my husband, like to play a lot with. They mainly use it to break the figure to

Darwin-Mini robot Reviews

My son only dreams of one thing, to get intelligent humanoid who would accomplish many pleasant works in our house. For my son, and it includes the kitchen ... All that to tell you that he is passionate about robotics. So for his birthday, he wanted a robot, something that would allow him to learn

Meccano MeccaNoid G15 robot Reviews

My daughter dreams of building robots. She is still in college, but she has a clear idea of her future and reminds us regularly. So her father and I are really on the subject, we chose to delegate. And for that we bought the Meccanoid G15 on sale since the summer of 2015. It is