Interactive Robots

What plush & interactive robot toy to choose?

Discover our reviews on interactive animals – robot toys that are designed to resemble an animal and intended for kids.

All the robots presented here have been tested by different families. And if the review is given by an adult, it takes into account the child notes for whom the robot was purchased. A dinosaur robot does not command the same way that 5 or 30 years back …

So this is the category where we add reviews about interacive cat robot toys that miaow too cute or dog robot toys that walk and bring the ball back. Take the time to read our presentations that will help you find the perfect robot for your family. Some respond only with an app, others respond to several types of commands.

There are battery-operated robots and those with a battery to be charged on the mains. Finally, parents, do not forget to check the sound level that you are willing to accept. Nothing is sadder than a robot with which nobody plays.

Teksta Dino T-REX robot Reviews

I bought a Teksta Dino robot almost new to my 8-year-old boy. Our neighbor bought it for his 3-year-old son who was too young to enjoy this toy. Suffice to say that my son was delighted and played a lot with him, especially the first few days. But this T-Rex has more than one trick

WowWee Miposaur Reviews

My nephew and my son are respectively 10 and 12 years old and they have both recently received MiPosaurs WowWee. We hesitated to offer different robots, but the MiPosaurs can fight each other, and it is always more fun to play with severals. Unpacking the WowWee MiPosaur MiPosaur dinosaur robot promotional video The

Spinmaster Zoomer Kitty robot Reviews

It was as a result of a television commercial that my daughter started claiming the interactive Spinmaster Zoomer Kitty. Before that, she had been asking for a kitten for more than two years, and she promises will take care of the litter and sworn. She is 6 years old and I remember all the promises

A real-life Tamagotchi – Hatchimals Penguala Reviews

My younger daughter celebrated her 5th birthday on October 9, which allowed me to offer her a toy that made me happy too much and which was put up for sale the day before. I work in a toy store and so I monitor the news closely. Hatchimals eggs are advertised as a Christmas gift

Spin Master Zoomer Dino robot Reviews

How the first robot for my son, my wife and I opted for Zoomer, a brand that offers various robots for children from 5 years. If everything would depend only on me, I would have taken the elegant MiPosaur, but it seems that this toy was not for me ... Small presentation of

Robot dog Zoomer Dalmatian 2.0 Reviews

For his 7 years, my son received from his sponsor an interactive Zoomer Dalmatian dog robot. As the name suggests, it is a puppy in the colors of dalmatians, white with black spots. It is a toy of the brand Spinmaster which proposes many other robots like the Zoomer Kitty or the Zoomer Dino. But

Teksta robotic Puppy Reviews

Last Christmas, I gave my kids a robot. It was their request and I was so glad to see them playing together, I was not missing the opportunity to bring them together. I had pre-selected two models, the Teksta and the Zoomer and in finally we the choose Teksta with white and purple design, who

FurReal Friends Torch Reviews

All the children of Dragons will claim it in the weeks to come. And if they do not, you've probably found the perfect gift for them. My 6-year-old daughter, completely addicted to dragons, received from her sponsor an interactive plush FurReal Friends. This is the occasion for me to give you our opinion on this

Brightlings interactive doll Reviews

My daughters, twins, received on their birthday each a Brightlings doll from the brand Spinmaster. It is an interactive doll, available in three colors. You may have already heard of it, as it was awarded a prize at the 2016 Toy Grand Prize. As these dolls have been with us for almost a month, I

Teksta robotic Kitty pink Reviews

For her birthday, my daughter received from her aunt an adorable little robot cat, the Teksta Kitty pink. The gift was accompanied by the comment "my daughter love this toy". And indeed, all kids loved this interactive kitten. Getting Started with the Robot Video of the Teksta robotic Kitty pink in English If