Interactive Robots

What plush & interactive robot toy to choose?

Discover our reviews on interactive animals – robot toys that are designed to resemble an animal and intended for kids.

All the robots presented here have been tested by different families. And if the review is given by an adult, it takes into account the child notes for whom the robot was purchased. A dinosaur robot does not command the same way that 5 or 30 years back …

So this is the category where we add reviews about interacive cat robot toys that miaow too cute or dog robot toys that walk and bring the ball back. Take the time to read our presentations that will help you find the perfect robot for your family. Some respond only with an app, others respond to several types of commands.

There are battery-operated robots and those with a battery to be charged on the mains. Finally, parents, do not forget to check the sound level that you are willing to accept. Nothing is sadder than a robot with which nobody plays.

Zoomer Chimp Reviews

Zoomer robots are all synonymous with good quality and hours of play for children. But until now, I had found the animals very classical. Zoomer Dalmatian 2.0 was only a dog because they are already several. Similarly, Zoomer Dino, a beautiful dino but a dinosaur format T-rex as kids love it. So there, a monkey,

Hasbro Furby Connect Friend Reviews

In the early summer, we received the brand new Furby Connect, the newest from Hasbro. This toy will be on sale, only in autumn 2016. For my son, it is only a new toy, an interactive plush all soft and cute. For my husband and I, it is a somewhat frightening vision of a gremlin