This section is dedicated to the news of the universe of robotic toys such as interactive toys, but also the more technical robots (humanoids, self-assembly kit, etc.).

Here we present the prizes awarded to robots such as the Toy Grand Prize, the stars of the Kids Expo fair, etc. We also make comparisons and buying guides to help you choose your next robot and to know what’s new.

Following the news of robots, for parents and anyone who wants to offer a robot to a child, it’s a great way to turn to new things to make sure the child does not already have the same toy at home. Last but not least, the most important reason to look at toy prizes is that it guarantees a certain quality to the robots since the professionals have tested and appreciated them.

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Which Sphero robot to buy for Christmas?

In 2010, Sphero launched its first robots, associating robotics with digital technology. This new generation of toys is very successful, although it's difficult to know what is most appealing: their design, the ability to play in the open air, their speed ... Today the owners of Sphero robots are numerous. And if they are at

They were voted best robot toys for Christmas 2016

Every year, the magazine of the toy publishes its charts of the year. With these many categories, it helps to give trends, but above all, it helps parents to choose quality toys to prepare Christmas gifts. Here is the prize list of the 2016 Toy Grand Prix of all award-winning robots. Whatever your child's age