OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Reviews

OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Reviews

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I grew up surrounded by lego. Even today I find it difficult to resist certain toys which require hours of meticulousness. But I also wanted to move on, another form of technique. That’s how I got interested in robots.

I bought the Owi535 robotic arm, a robotic arm kit to mount itself. The advantage of internet is that it only takes three days before you receive your order and enjoy it, especially when you live far from any specialty store.

Build your own robot arm with OWI – 535 robotic arm kit

When you order the OWI arm, you do not buy a ready-to-play robot, but a kit to assemble yourself. And that’s where the main interest lies.

With the different parts, a multilingual manual is received. The information is given in English, but the manual for editing is composed only of drawings. It is not always easy to know what to do, but with patience and concentration, we are doing well. On the other hand, I advise you to plan to do it all at once or to take good note of where you are. I put my robot aside halfway through and I had a lot of trouble retaking what I was doing.

In addition to the kit, screwdrivers should be provided for all small screws, flat pliers and cutting pliers. Batteries must also be purchased to activate the arm. These are 4 LR20 batteries.

There is no welding, nothing dangerous.

It is this whole construction that makes it a pedagogical robot, but one is more in the mechanical than the computerized. Indeed, is not possible to programming it. You must buy an accessory, in addition. The USB interface for the OWI robotic arm. It allows to control it in real time and to program it.

I admit that I was a little disappointed at the end because I had not paid attention to this detail. So, for now I still do not buy the interface and I can’t give my opinion about this.

Presentation of the mechanical arm

Introducing the Arm Edge OWI-535

This arm can carry out many movements, even without additional programming. It is equipped with a clamp that opens and closes and allows it to catch various objects. It can carry up to 100 grams.

The deployed arm has a height of 38 cm. It can perform twelve different movements.
The movement of the wrist has a variation of 120 °, while the elbow and the shoulder go up to 300 °. The base can rotate 270 ° and move 180 °. It’s really not bad and we have enough to test the arm in many positions.

LEDs are installed on the clamp. Each joint is equipped with an audible indicator, signaling due to safety instructions.

My general opinion

When I understood that I could not program my arm without additional USB interface, I regretted not having ordered the MakeBlock mBot STEM. The last robot that I do not find particularly beautiful and which looks more like a remote-controlled car, but it is possible to program it to infinity.

And then finally I took a lot of fun to use this robot arm, precise and intelligent toy. It is easy to find new challenges: lift a box, a pencil, a spoon, a ball …

Of course, I have a hard time imagining a young child with such a toy. But I think that some teenagers, fans of mechanics or robotics will be able to deal with it. Or lego lovers like me.

Price/quality ratio

Initially, I found this robot cheap. It is at 50 USD. We are rather on the high end of the brand OWI which offers many smaller robots and therefore cheaper as the solar robot 14 in 1.

If the goal is to build it, that’s ample. Otherwise, an extra cost of 40 USD is required to be able to program it. What makes a total of 90 USD and which is still very correct, when we want to play with something different how race cars.

The pros and cons

Intelligent toy
Precision in construction
Large arm rotation
Not programmable
Works with batteries


The Robot Arm is a specific type of robot that makes you want to get large work table-games where to do mechanical experiments.

The Owi-535 robotic Edge Arm Kit is a complete toy, more than a toy for that matter. Indeed, it allows adults to play just as seriously as children, but with details to our size and meeting our requirements.



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