Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone Reviews

Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone Reviews

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On his birthday, my 10-year-old son received the Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Race. It is a small car, with which he loves to play outside.

Overview mini drone Jumping Race Red Max

Promotional video of the Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Race

There are several mini drones of the same brand organized in two series. We have the Max drone. Its specificity: it is red. There is also the Jumping Race Jett white and the Jumping Race Tuk Tuk yellow.

The other series is called nocturnal because it is equipped with small LEDs to better film at night (yes, it is possible to film, it’s great, I talk about it later). It comes in three colors, but they are not the same: Jumping Night Buzz White, Jumping Night Diesel Blue and Jumping Night Marshall Red.

Now that the formal presentations are made, let’s get into the details.

The MiniDrones have a nice futuristic look. The vehicle resembles a Formula 1 car, equipped with gigantic wheels. It is sold with a solid body, but a set of stickers allows to customize it according to the wishes of each one. A very nice little detail that made my son very happy. On the other hand after many hesitations, he copied the decor of the vehicle on the box.

This drone is piloted with a Smartphone or a tablet via a WiFi network. The most incredible thing is that the vehicle generates its own WiFi network, which allows a range up to 50 meters. It is enormous !

And to be able to drive it at such a distance without creating an accident, the Parrot MiniDrone is equipped with a front camera, a speaker, and a microphone. You can see and listen to what happens right now with the drone. In other words, this robot can quickly become an indispensable accessory for any child who dreams of becoming James Bond.

Parrot Jumping Mini Drone Technical Prowess

Two control modes are available, resulting in a change in the position of the wheels.

By separating the wheels, the drone has excellent handling. This makes it possible to push the bolide to its maximum speed, that is to say to 14 km / h.

Or, there is the compact mode, for which the wheels are brought close to the body of the vehicle. The objective is to increase the ability of the drone. It can thus make turns at 90 ° or even at 180 °.

And to impress the viewers, you can rotate the drone totally around its axis.

It is possible to make it jump more than 75 cm in height. He always falls on his wheels.

It succeeds in pushing all the small objects out of his way. This means that he does not avoid obstacles on his own. During the first tests, it is very likely to hit some walls or furniture.

Above I was talking about a camera. The drone is equipped with a wide-angle camera. It allows to retransmit directly what the drone sees. It is associated with a 4 GB internal memory which allows to record what it is filming. Attention, the night model does not have an infrared camera, just LEDs to illuminate around it.

The loudspeaker and the microphone make it possible to make contact with the people that the drone crosses. As much to say that my son used it several times to deliver his requests. Mom is where my text book? Fortunately the drone does not go down the stairs alone, otherwise I think my son would not leave his room, hoping that I would do everything in his place following the drone’s requests.

Our first grip of the racing drone

After opening the package, there are two things to do.

The drone must first be charged. It is sold with a USB cable, but you can add an adapter to plug it into the mains. It takes about 30 minutes. The charge is fast, but unfortunately, it is discharged just as quickly (about 20 minutes of autonomy).

While the drone is refueling, you need to install freeflight 3 on your tablet or smartphone. Small detail, this robot works with Linux. It’s rare enough to report it.

Once these two steps are over, you can learn to pilot your drone. My son found it very easy. Of course, his racing drone did not immediately make pirouettes, but he managed to direct it as he wanted it from the first day.

Only 70 USD for this Parrot mini drone

I found the price quite reasonable for such a connected toy. Oh of course, there are similar toys, but none of them are equipped with a camera.

I think for example of Sphero Ollie which is well suited to outdoor races and costs 100 USD. Or WowWee One R.E.V, a race car at 40 USD.

It is a robust, easy to use a toy. I do not regret a minute my purchase.

The pros and cons

Personalize with stickers
Simple to use app
Speed of 14 km / h
Equipped with a camera
Low autonomy
Does not detect obstacles


The Parrot MiniDrone drone is a great gift for a child who loves science fiction, small cars and invents universes. He will be able to play regularly and thus master his vehicle better and better until doing choreographies.

My son loves it, he uses it very often, alone or with his friends.




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