WowWee Robosapien X robot Reviews

WowWee Robosapien X robot Reviews

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The latest toy that came into our house is a humanoid robot from the WowWee brand. It is big, because of the Robosapien X height is 36cm. My sons are 7 and 9 years old, and they, like my husband, like to play a lot with. They mainly use it to break the figure to other toys …

Presentation of the Robosapien

This robot is ready to use a toy. After receiving, just install batteries to start playing. Not like the Meccanoïd G15 which requires long hours of assembly. On the other hand, it is necessary to envisage the stock of batteries, that is to say, 3 batteries LR03 AAA and 4 batteries LR20.

The robot is available in two colors. We have the white version, with a few touches of black. There are also in black with a few touches of blue, model that is sold under the name WowWee Robosapien Blue.

It is sold with a remote control, a dongle for iOS/Android and a kind of black hat.

A very active robot

My children only have access to the remote control to direct it. But be aware that there is an application to download, available on iOS and Android.

You can manage it with a smartphone or a tablet. The infrared dongle must then be connected to the audio output of your device.

My husband finds it easier to direct the robot with the app than with the remote, but he is forbidden to tell it in front of the children. The remote control fulfills its role completely.

Robosapien X responds to 67 different commands. He turns, dances, picks up objects, whistles, and so on. At the end of his arms, he is equipped with pliers, which allows him to pick up both an object and a light garment. He has a strange gait, but he is fast enough.

It is also equipped with sensors at the finger clamps and feet. Thus it stops before striking the furniture and walls.

On the other hand, he does not speak. It makes sounds that look more like grunts. And the volume is high, too high for me.

It is possible to leave it on standby, but the on / off button is easy to access (in its back). Thus you save the batteries, despite an autonomy of 6 hours.

From what age can a child fully enjoy this robot?

I had read slightly different information concerning the minimum age to play with the Robosapien, ie from 6 years or from 8 years. My kids were 7 and 9, so I thought it would be fine.

I must say that younger how 8 years, it is difficult to take full advantage of the various controls of this interactive robot. My youngest kid has trouble moving it according to his will and even my biggest kid does not always reach his ends. So I think we should not go too fast.

For a child under the age of 8, it may be preferable to turn to another model to avoid too much frustration. On the other hand, humanoids for the little ones are quite rare, the manufacturers of toys preferring to offer them puppies or dinosaurs.

Fortunately, it is a solid robot. So even if from time to time a command error sends it to the ground, you do not have to worry too much about it.

On the other hand, there is no maximum age. The robot is much more often used when my husband is at home. He has the remote control in hand and he follows the directions of the children who build him tasks or find many opponents for him.

The price of Robosapien

This robot is on sale at 100 USD or slightly less. It is quite expensive, and I think the price is justified by its size. It is well known that it is more than 35 cm high, to see it in real has impressed the whole family.

And then it is still much cheaper than the Ubtech Alpha 1S robot at 495 USD. Although he may be a family robot, he will always be out of our budget.

The pros and cons

It’s design
Its remote control
67 movements
Sensors to avoid walls
Clamps for picking up objects
Works with batteries
Its price
The volume


My sons love their Robosapien much, despite some difficulties. Over time, interest fell, then reappeared for no apparent reason.




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