Spin Master Zoomer Dino robot Reviews

Spin Master Zoomer Dino robot Reviews

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How the first robot for my son, my wife and I opted for Zoomer, a brand that offers various robots for children from 5 years. If everything would depend only on me, I would have taken the elegant MiPosaur, but it seems that this toy was not for me …

Small presentation of this dinosaur robot

Preview video of Spin Master Zoomer dino in English

Zoomer Dino is a dinosaur that many are called of T-rex, in white and light green. It is sold with a USB cable, a remote control and a manual.

The robot, therefore, operates on battery, to be charged on a computer or on the mains if you have an adapter. However, the remote control requires three AAA batteries.

The manual is quite simple and the most important are finally to be intuitive enough to use it. Once you have spotted the on / off button (on the belly) and how to activate the gesture control (on the back), you have grasped the essentials.

This is one of the few robots that runs without the need to download an application on smartphone or tablet. That’s why we chose it. Our son is only 5 years old.

We agree that he uses the tablet for some educational games. But we are not yet ready to see him run after a dinosaur by clumsily holding it.

An independent and cuddly robot

There are many ways to interact with the dinosaur. My son prefers to use the remote control. It presses the buttons more or less frantically and the robot reacts. He also regularly pulls his tail just to irritate him. Faced with such aggression, the dinosaur roar systematically from anger.

Yes, it’s a dinosaur that has emotions. We can know them thanks to the color of his eyes. He is happy when he has green eyes, angry – eyes turn red. And curiosity is expressed in blue eyes.

Note three more practical colors: the purple announces the passage in manual control, the yellow for the remote control, finally the orange announces a weak battery.

Zoomer can move independently in the room. One then has the impression that he is hunting. It nuzzles the air, inspects certain corners or runs at full speed. When he falls forward, he can stand up himself.

Finally, one can caress and hear him happiness purring. The terrific interactive T-rex turns into a cuddly cat.

Our general impressions on the Spin Master Dino Zoomer

For a little develop, I think this robot was a very good choice for a little child a little awkward. Indeed the reaction to the gestural commands is very approximate, on the other hand, the remote control solves the problem.

There are moments of floating where one wonders why nothing moves. They are quickly overcome, I advise you to pull the tail to get him out of his lethargy.

It is a solid toy and light enough for my son to handle it alone. The hardest part is to remember to turn it off when it finishes playing, as there is no standby.

When it comes to the battery issue. It is unfortunately rather weak and you can not really play more than half an hour before you have to take a break. It is very frustrating.

Finally the question of sound, primordial when living in a small apartment. I find the sound effects very well made. There is no control of the volume and I find that it is quite noisy.

A very good price

Depending on the website you visit, this SpinMaster toy costs between 50 and 100 USD. To say that for the first time, it is a beautiful gift. On the other hand, if you only find it at 100 USD, wait for a little, it is expensive.

This is still a basic robot for children of about 5 to 10 years.

I advise you to order with the robot the batteries necessary for the remote control, this will avoid the disappointment of not being able to try it right away.

The pros and cons

Its solidity
Its remote control
It moves freely
Beautiful sound effects
Easy to use
Its low battery
The volume no adjustment
No automatic standby


Somewhere, I feel that these interactive toys (robot, dog or other) are the new remote-controlled cars. When I was a kid, the toy to have was a beautiful car (red and black preferably) that rolled at full speed.

Today children prefer dinosaurs or pets that not only can move on demand, but also respond and express emotions. And I’m glad to have found Zoomer Dino for my 5-year-old boy who seems enchanted by his new toy. On the other hand, I warned my wife, the next robot we buy, it will be for me!






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