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Zoomer Chimp Reviews

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Zoomer robots are all synonymous with good quality and hours of play for children. But until now, I had found the animals very classical. Zoomer Dalmatian 2.0 was only a dog because they are already several. Similarly, Zoomer Dino, a beautiful dino but a dinosaur format T-rex as kids love it.

So there, a monkey, which escapes the distinction girl/boy, I was delighted to offer it to my niece. At least, I was sure she did not already have something in the same genre.

Introducing Zoom Chimp

Zoomer Chimp interactive robot toys promotional video
This chimp is an interactive and playful robot for children from 5 years old. At least that’s what’s written on the box but I think a lot of children 3 or 4 years old could play with no difficulty and many hours.

Like any interactive animal, it communicates with us through his eyes. He makes a lot of noise, but he does not speak for the purpose of communicating, it only amuses us or attempts to frighten us.

His face is articulated and his eyes change colors. It moves on two or four legs. It is possible to control it with gestures, voice or pressing the buttons on its body.

His eyes are equipped with a sensor. So it detects the objects and does not bump against the furniture.

How to play with Zoomer Chimpanzee?

The first thing to do is to charge the robot using the USB cable that is provided. With a simple adapter, it can be connected to the mains.

The eyes are very useful, it shows batteries charging level. Yellow eyes announce a weak battery, blue eyes show that a charge and finally, the green eyes inform us that the battery is fully charged.

This chimpanzee robot has several buttons on its back and another on the head. It is possible to select the language.

The button on its head allows activating the voice command mode. His eyes then become purple and we have about 5 seconds to give his command before the robot returns to autonomic mode. Just think before you press.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to chain the voice commands, you must always press on the head before speaking.

The chimp recognizes 10 voice commands but can make more than 100 turns. It can roll before and after, he dances, he stands on two legs, and so on.

Child vs Zoom Chimp

It’s strange how some toys seem disconnected from children. But here the instructions are simple, any child can move the robot and play with it.

In fact, it is a joking monkey that seems made to amuse the children and make them laugh. By pressing his back, we know that something will happen, but it is sometimes the surprise.

It is also possible to let him move and just to stand on his way to force him to change direction. Do not possible know what will happen after six months or my niece will still play with it.

For now, there is the craze and discovery. She likes to take him to the whole house, guiding him by the hand. In fact, it is a fairly solitary game. That is, she plays a lot in her corner with her chimpanzee.

What is the price / quality ratio?

When buying the Zoom Chimp robot, I hesitated. It costs 100 USD. It’s a certain amount of money. But it’s also a very nice robot. Let’s say it costs as much as all the interactive dogs and cats that are found everywhere. Originality has a price.

I think its price will drop a bit, but it will not be before Christmas, so if you like this robot, there is not much to think. Moreover, it is advertised as being one of the robots for Christmas 2016, the advantage it having won a prize. So if this robot interests you, order it quickly, before it is out of stock almost everywhere.

The pros and cons

Original animal
100 different movements
Easy interaction with children
Quick on/off
Its price
Few voice commands


Here is an original gift that will please all the children, who like to laugh. Still to find among all the children who surround you, who will be most happier with this Zoomer Chimp interactive robot toy. ūüôā







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