They were voted best robot toys for Christmas 2016

They were voted best robot toys for Christmas 2016

Every year, the magazine of the toy publishes its charts of the year. With these many categories, it helps to give trends, but above all, it helps parents to choose quality toys to prepare Christmas gifts.

Here is the prize list of the 2016 Toy Grand Prix of all award-winning robots. Whatever your child’s age or tastes, no doubt you will find below the perfect toy for you.

This is not a top 10 toy robots, as there are only 5 robots in this list. But above all each of these robots was considered the best robot in its class. We therefore present only the best of the best!

Brightlings: an interactive doll

Brightlings is a great, easy-to-hold doll that speaks and sings. It will soon become the new best for all girls from 4 years old.

Spin Master has moved his robotic knowledges into a soft doll. Her face lights up and sets it mouth moving. The Brightlings doll smiles, grimaces and pulls out her tongue.

It’s bonus to it: Brightlings can record your message (press one of she ears). Then she gives it back to you with a funny voice. Just lean the doll in one direction or the other to get a serious or sharp, slow or fast voice.

Hatchimals: an animal in its egg

Another prize awarded to Spin Master and we understand the jury.

The concept of Hatchimals is awesome. The child receives his interactive plush in his egg. It will be necessary to encourage the small animal to leave its egg. For this he sends us luminous signals and we must rock him, pat him, in short take care of it. This means that the toy is sold with batteries and can be taken care of as soon as the carton is opened.

There are two different animals, the Hatchimal Penguala (our favorite) and the Hatchimals Draggles. Each one exists in two different colors. If it is possible to choose your species, color will be a surprise at the time of hatching.

And rest assured the adventure continues after hatching, because it is then necessary to help the animal to grow! This game is therefore especially suitable for children patients from 6 or 7 years.

Torch: my magic dragon

Category Interactive Plush

We continue in the interactive toys with this time a dragon who breathes flame and eats marshmallow! I present Torch which will please all children from 4 years (and probably up to 12 years).
A Torch is a dragon baby, he loves cuddles and marshmallow. But beware, he prefers the roasted marshmallows. A system based on water vapor and orange light gives the impression that it spits fire! And his marshmallow reacts to water – fire to turn brown.

Zoomer Chimp: a chimpanzee robot

Robot Category

Here is a moving robot – Zoomer Chimp. It is a chimpanzee robot whose whole body is animated. He can walk on all fours or stand. He can protect his master and can be a clown to make everyone laugh. And to be sure that one understands it well his eyes change color according to his emotions.

For once this interactive animal is easily controlled and without using another tablet type device. So the child can manage on his own. For example, he can give orders to him out loud, simple orders, but they will make a sensation. He knows more than a hundred different movements.

A toy for boys and girls from 4 years old.

Fisher-Price a Pillar Toy

Category Preschool

This programmable track is an intelligent toy. It is indeed a caterpillar to be programmed, ie it is composed of 9 segments that the child must assemble in the desired order. Indeed, the order of the segments tells the animal which path to follow. It is a pretty colored caterpillar. At first sight, it is really an innocuous toy.

But this Fisher Price programmable caterpillar is not for babies but for kindergarten children who will be able to play and learn to program without realizing it.

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