Which Sphero robot to buy for Christmas?

Which Sphero robot to buy for Christmas?

In 2010, Sphero launched its first robots, associating robotics with digital technology. This new generation of toys is very successful, although it’s difficult to know what is most appealing: their design, the ability to play in the open air, their speed …

Today the owners of Sphero robots are numerous. And if they are at least a decade old, there is no age limit. It’s a perfect gift for a pre-teen, a teen, a student, a young dad, etc., and even for girls and women!

To help you choose the Sphero robot that will make you happy for Christmas 2016, here is a presentation of the best robots, all controlled by the application. And you’ll see that some are directly from the Star Wars universe.

Sphero Droid BB8 Star Wars with Force band

This is the newest addition to the Sphero family, which comes straight out of the Star Wars universe so you can join the Resistance.

This robot seems to have fought hard against the enemy, but it still rolls as fast and without losing its head. And most importantly it is accompanied by the Force band which allows to control the droid and to learn to master the Force.

A perfect gift for collectors and fans of the saga.

Sphero Droid BB-8 Star Wars

This is a truly cute droid. It is directed using an application on smartphone or tablet, but it also reacts to your voice. You can, therefore, direct it yourself or let it go on a reconnaissance mission in full autonomy.

The more of this little star wars robot is the possibility of seeing holograms. In fact, everything takes place on the tablet via the application, but your robot will transmit you various messages coming from the universe of the saga. You can also record messages or ask your friends to prepare them for you.

Apart from the fact, that it is possible to use a tablet, children from 6-7 years should be able to handle it without much trouble.

Sphero Ollie DarkSide

This toy is not as round as the Star Wars Sphero. Indeed the Sphero Ollie are cylindrical and have two huge wheels that allow them to go everywhere, even in the garden. They can be operated with your smartphone or tablet.

This is my favorite connected toy, but it’s a personal opinion. It is all black, super stylish and especially hyper fast. It can ride up to 22 km / h!

The Sphero Ollie Darkside has the same technical properties and advantages as the other Ollie, but it is black. And I must say that this color is very convenient when we go outside the house.

Sphero Ollie original

Here is the previous version of the Sphero Ollie Darkside presented above. We thus find the same design: a white cylinder equipped with two blue tires. It is controlled via an application available for free online.

As it is the basic model, it is possible to buy new tires with an another color, more to your taste. You will be able to make it roll on ramps, in all your house and even in the street.

Sphero 2.0

I present Sphero 2.0, the robotic ball at the origin of the droid BB8 presented at the beginning of this article. It is a remote controlled ball by an application installed on the device of your choice.

You can choose from on the app the setting within which the robot will move. For example, you can transform your living room into a desert of sand. There are also many other games available to do more than controlling your robot Sphero. Perfect gift for a pre-teen!

However, for a better grip, I advise you to choose at the same time a cover of your choice. It is a protection for the ball, and it does not lose its effectiveness.

Sphero SPRK+

What if you were using a Sphero robot to educate your child (ages 8 and up) about robotics and programming?

This is the bet offered by the Sphero SPRK + which is a programmable robotic ball. Technically it looks very much like the Sphero 2.0, but this time no white packaging, the ball is transparent. The idea is to arouse curiosity and it works.

The robot is programmed via the Lightning LAB application. Its operation is very intuitive and requires only one prerequisite: to read. It is colorful, easy to manipulate and above all it is the same principle that is used in schools where the discovery of programming has become obligatory.

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